Begin with Basics – Step 1: Discovering Your Church Identity

This may sound like a no-brainer but discovering your church identity is often overlooked. Determining your identity is also the first (and very essential) step to discovering your Competitive Advantage. And that’s where the Marketing magic happens.

What’s My Identity?

Ask yourself these questions about your church:

  1. Who fills our pews? – if you had church today,  who would attend your service? Think of the demographic: age, gender, how far did they travel, etc.
  2. What is the atmosphere like?
  3. What is the sermon style? How is it unique?
  4. What is the worship style? Is it modern? Traditional? or a combination?
  5. Who do you desire to serve? – Think about the group in question 1. Is this your target audience? Do you have more than 1 target group? Who would you like to see come in and join your congregation?

Let Your Identity Work for You

Take a piece of paper and write down your answers to 1-5. Discuss them with your leadership team, your elders, your worship team, your teachers. Let them weigh in too. Two heads are better than one!

Remember, you are letting your identity work for you, not working for an identity. Marketing your church is about discovery. It’s about finding who you are as a church and sharing that with the world! Really dig deep and be transparent with your answers.

Be brutally honest with yourself. Questions 1-4 are about identifying what’s going on now. Don’t think about what you’d like to see. The more open you are with yourself about where you are now, the further you will be able to go.

Question 5 is really your first step forward. You’ve identified who you are now, but it’s time to envision a packed out crowd. Who do you see? Do you see families with children? Young couples? Millenials? I-gen? or all of the above? Dream big here! We’re just getting started on your Marketing Adventure!