Begin with Basics – Step 2: Determine Your Competitive Advantages

Congratulations! You’ve discovered your church identity and are ready to move on to step 2. Now that you’ve taken a good long look in the hypothetical mirror, it’s time to determine what competitive advantages your identity holds.

The cool part? Your competitive advantages are uniquely yours! But before we jump into the advantages, let’s discover your strengths!

We’ll Start with Strengths

Grab a notebook and a pen. It’s time to brainstorm. For the next 60 seconds write down everything about your church that you would consider a strength.

Some examples of strengths may be:

  • Flexible service times (multiple services)
  • Contemporary (or Traditional) Music
  • Classes for all ages
  • A recreation center

Again, share your list and have others in your congregation brainstorm your strengths as well.

More than Just a Strength

A competitive advantage isn’t just a strength. A competitive advantage is an element of your organization that makes your organization superior, more appealing, or puts you ahead of your competitors (or in this case, other church options).

To determine your advantages, start with your strengths and build out. How do your “strengths” set you ahead of the competition?

For example, let’s expand on flexible service times. Perhaps your church offers a unique service time. Maybe you have an afternoon service for members of your church who work 3rd shift on Saturdays. Or maybe your have a 7:00am service for “morning people” and those who have afternoon obligations.

Be creative, work with your team, and build out the most detailed list of competitive advantages possible.

What do I do with These?

Competitive Advantages are tools in your tool belt to successfully market your church. Competitive advantages will not only set you apart in your community, but will also allow yourself and your congregation to fully understand your strengths and abilities. Not only is this a marketing opportunity, but a growing opportunity. Continue to expand, grow, and become more and more the hands and feet of Christ.

For more on Competitive Advantages check out Creating Competitive Advantages by Jaynie Smith.