Taking the Digital Leap: Can I do it?

Chances are that you’re reading this post because you’re considering taking the digital leap. You’ve heard the success stories, or you just want people to find you on Facebook. But you’re hesitant. What are you REALLY getting yourself into? If you’re considering the digital leap, read on. When done right it’s well worth it!

Stepping Out

If you are a church or ministry of any kind, I implore you: Take the Leap! If you haven’t added digital marketing to your church or organizational strategy than you are missing out on some AMAZING opportunities!

So I urge you on. But I urge you on with caution. Keep in mind that I said digital marketing is well worth it when done ‘RIGHT.’ There is a wrong way (quite a few actually) to do digital marketing. But we’re here to help you avoid those errors.

Plan It Out

This may seem like a wasted point, but it’s often overlooked. Plan out your digital Marketing Strategy. Without a plan you’re simply spinning in circles throwing darts in a pitch black room. Every now and again you might get a bulls eye, but you have no idea how you did it or how to repeat it.

Planning allows you to understand how you have failed and how you have succeeded. Both will be essential. You’ll need to know what to change, and what to repeat again.

Start your planning by first looking within. Identify your church and your identity. You cannot truly know where you are going until you know who you are. Set goals based on that identity and your competitive advantages.

Objects at Rest Stay at Rest

Right now you’re at rest. It’s easy to stay there. It’s ‘safe.’ But once you get started, once the ball starts rolling, you’ll see just how far you can go.

Are you ready to take the leap?