So You Want to Go Social?

It’s time to take your organization to the next level. Whether you’re a church working to reach your local community, or a ministry trying to earn resources for your cause, social can be an incredible next step for you.

But before you go full steam ahead, there’s a few things you should know about choosing a social platform. Just like your church shouldn’t try to be All Things for All People, your organization shouldn’t just jump on every social channel out there.

Some ‘marketing companies’ will tell you that you need to get on every social channel on the internet. They will argue that this will increase your SEO (search engine optimization) and throw other marketing jargon out there. But I dare to disagree!

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Don’t let your organization fall into the jack of all trades (or in this case social channels) trap. Especially from the gate, choose one social platform to start with and excel at. That’s right. Just ONE.

Once you have evaluated your Target Audience, you can choose the best social platform to meet that audience.

What Platform do I Choose?

There are just so many social platforms out there. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest and Instagram, to Snap Chat, LinkedIn, Google+ and so many more.

But how do you choose the best platform for your organization?
Hint* There are tons of websites out there offering help with determining social media demographics.

Facebook is still the social media powerhouse. As virtually  the largest platform on the web, Facebook is a great place to start. Despite Facebook’s new ‘pay to play’ initiative, there are still plenty of opportunities for reaching your audience for free.

Twitter is another large platform. If you have witty one liners or lots of information to share, Twitter may be for you. In 180 characters, reach a relatively young audience with your organization’s tweets.

Pinterest, Instagram and Snap Chat are intriguing, especially for ministries. Some organizations may do well on these image driven platforms. However, for many organizations this platform takes a lot of work, resources, and creativity in order to succeed. By no means would I suggest crossing these platforms off your potential list. But I would recommend starting out on a platform such as Facebook before moving on.

Use Linked In to find staff and volunteers for your organization. Or jump on Google+ for a platform to increase SEO (when done right!).

Final Thoughts

Social Media is a great, if not essential, outlet for ministries and churches. But social only works if it’s done correctly! Do your research. Find the platform that is geared the most towards your target audience.

Keep in mind that social media takes time and resources. Don’t dive head first into all the platforms at once just for “rankings.” Truly reaching your audience and excelling on your platform of choice should be your top priority.