Marketing Pitfalls: Avoiding Cliches

I’m sure you’ve seen the clever sayings and postcards. Something like ‘No Perfect People Allowed’ or a man in jeans and work boots sporting his ‘Church Clothes.’ I went on a search for marketing postcards for a client and saw these sayings over and over again. At best I was frustrated.

Cliches Don’t Cut It

I’m sure that when these sayings and phrases were born that they were effective. At least I hope so. But today’s church hunting individuals (millennials in particular) aren’t drawn in by a fancy tag line.

Personally, if I received a postcard from a church talking about only imperfect people joining I would roll my eyes and throw it away. And I’m a church kid!

Leave the fancy play on words and one-liners to politicians. When souls are at stake it’s time to dig deeper.

“Leave the fancy play on words and one-liners to politicians. When souls are at stake it’s time to dig deeper.”

When Your Tag Line Gets Real

We live in a world where people are longing for, even craving authenticity. Unfortunately we also live in a world where many people have been hurt by the Church and her people. Creating a catchy phrase to market your church cannot break through the clutter of today’s advertising overload. Worse yet, it can’t break through to the heart of issues that exist in those we’re trying so desperately to reach.

It’s time to get real. First with ourselves by discovering our church identity and defining what we’re really good at (or competitive advantages). When we truly know ourselves we can begin to be transparent, vulnerable, and real.

There’s something incredible about a church that is so raw, with the flashy banners and catchy phrases torn away. There’s something so refreshing and honest about an organization that truly knows themselves and can express it.

I hate to call it a slogan, but I recently developed a marketing phrase for a local church. The phrase: Healing & Hope Together. So simple, so stripped down. But so powerful.

Do those words resonate with you? Healing for the hurt. Hope for the lost. Together as a family.

The competitive advantages of this church are that they were very close and very supportive. Basically like a family. They genuinely care about each others’ needs and pray and support each other- every day of the week. The congregation is full of individuals with heart warming and gut wrenching stories: stories of love and stories of pain. The love is used to encourage, the pain is used to encourage and support. But they are in this life together.

How amazing is that?

What’s Your Story?

Start with your story. Define your strengths. Now build a raw statement of truth about your church or organization. Our world doesn’t just desire it, but it needs it.