Are you a small to medium sized business? A ministry or non-profit organization? Do you dream of increasing your web traffic, getting more sales, and implementing a fool proof marketing strategy? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Taylored Media Company: Marketing Consulting services business and non-profits with customized marketing management and consulting to meet your business and organizational objectives. We work with you to specifically design a plan for your budget. Contact Us today to get started!

Our site also offers a free resource created just for you. Gain insight into up to date marketing trends and methods. Efficiently use your limited time and resources to increase web traffic to your site. Learn the essentials of SEO, Branding, PPC, Social Media and more! Discover what you can do in house, and how to spend your precious time working in the field you love!

Welcome! My name is Lane and I’ll be your guide through this incredible journey. As a marketer with extensive experience in both the small business and non-profit sectors, I offer you a plethora of knowledge from my personal experience. My goal is to provide you with the best information to successfully market your business or ministry.

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