Marketing Pitfalls: Avoiding Cliches

I'm sure you've seen the clever sayings and postcards. Something like 'No Perfect People Allowed' or a man in jeans and work boots sporting his 'Church Clothes.' I went on a search for marketing postcards for a client and saw these sayings over and over again. At best I was frustrated.


Marketing Pitfalls: Using Full Names

Digital gadgets and social platforms have made it so incredibly easy for us to record and share our lives at virtually any second. But for marketers this can be dangerous.

Marketing Pitfalls: Image Use

The wonderful world of Google search has made Marketing so much.... more complex! All high level Marketing and SEO aside, Google has made it incredibly easy to grab virtually any image and use it as your own. But what seems like a dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. I Wish I Would Have Known … Continue reading Marketing Pitfalls: Image Use